Find Job in a way of TikTok feed
with a smart machine learning algorithm of personalised job recommendations
See the difference
Average job platform vs JobMatch
  • Irrelevant jobs in your feed
    Other platforms use a simple ABC search that shows everything
  • Smart feed
    We use a machine learning search engine that understands what you want
  • Poor job description
    Company writes job description in their own style and usually it gives you no glue about what you will actually do
  • Clear and full job description
    You see a list of task you will be performing on the job inside each vacancy. No more stupid description
  • Waiting for answer from companies
    Are you waiting for a feedback for months?
  • Get updates on status of your application
    Track real time what is happening with your application: send, opened, readed, accepted
How our AI algorithm works?
It's simple, but it's hard...
But it's not all...
We went even further
See all jobs on a map
Filter by industries, salary, shift duration and distance from home/university
Do you like workshops?
Find all upcoming events in one tab:

  • Open Days
  • Conferences
  • Networking
  • Job Fairs
  • and many more....

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7 languages support

We support English, Czech, Slovak, Russian, Ukraine, German, Vietnamese
Only verified employers
All employers are going through manual verification process and strictly monitored to keep the rules
All device available
We have built our app on a cross platform tech stack, so you can access it on any device at any time
Go green
Our servers are working on a 100% renewable energy and not harm the nature
GDPR compliant
All data are stored within EU region and not going to 3rd parties
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